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  • RAL 1011
    Brown Beige
  • RAL 1018
    Zinc Yellow
  • RAL 3014
    Antique Pink
  • RAL 4001
    Red Lilac
  • RAL 5005
    Signal Blue
  • RAL 5012
    Light Blue
  • RAL 5018
    Turquoise Blue
  • RAL 7040
    Window Grey
  • RAL 6011
    Reseda Green
  • RAL 2009
    Traffic Orange
  • RAL 1000
    Green beige
  • RAL 1001
  • RAL 1002
    Sand yellow
  • RAL 1003
    Signal yellow
  • RAL 1004
    Golden yellow
  • RAL 1005
    Honey yellow
  • RAL 1006
    Maize yellow
  • RAL 1007
    Daffodil yellow
  • RAL 1012
    Lemon yellow
  • RAL 1013
    Oyster white
  • RAL 1014
  • RAL 1015
    Light ivory
  • RAL 1016
    Sulphur yellow
  • RAL 1017
    Saffron yellow

Support and Engineering color consulting

Persian Fam Company has formed a unit called Technical Consultancy Services that can be used by consumers to determine the type of color choice, geographical and environmental conditions, type of surface, conditions of operation, conditions of equipping and future use. To make


About us

PERSIAN FAM SEPAHAN Company with the registration number 34295 in 1385 started its activity in the field of production of various industrial colors. And with the motto of just quality, always put quality products at the top of their work. We are proud to announce that the company's experts have been serving the color industry for over three decades. The company has been able to offer its products with the highest quality in the manufacture and design of industrial colors at competitive prices, using expert and experienced experts and the use of raw materials from reputable European and Asian factories. And backed up by that, it is already proud to partner with a large number of companies and large contractors to build facilities and industries. Our effort is to be able, with the help of Allah Almighty and the cooperation of the respectable industry, to take a positive step, albeit small, towards the self-sufficiency of the country's industries.

Manufacturer of various industrial colors


Contact us

Manager : Farzad Farmand
Factory Address: Isfahan - 5 km road Habib Abad
Mobile: 09131134327
Phone: 031-45837224
گوگل پلاس اینستاگرام واتساپ
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