Shiny paint for metal
Type: one part
Sham: as requested
Gloss: 85-90 at 60 °
Percent Pigment: 20-25%
Chemical composition: yellow iron oxide, titanium dioxide and phthalocyanine blue pigment
Percentage: 75-80%
Chemical composition: Long oil resin alcalicum and White spray solvent
Percent solids weighed in 105 ° C: 60 ± 1
Specific gravity at 25 ° C: 1.05-1.1 g / cubic centimeter
Viscosity at 25 ° C: 80-90 kB
Power coverage theory: 10-12 square meters per kilogram
Practical coverage strength: Depending on the loss factor
Film thickness: 35-40 microns
Drying time: 3 hours at 25 ° C
Full drying time: 16 hours at 25 ° C
Full hardness: 7 days at 25 ° C
Features of this product:
1. Excellent spray ability
2- Flexibility, excellent adhesion and durability
3. Excellent resistance to mild (moderate to weak) corrosive environments.
4. Good color stability
5. Resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation
6. Just glare
Surface preparation: The iron surface should be completely clean and free from grease and salt and any other contaminants. If possible, the sa.2 standard sandwich method is recommended in Swedish standard.
Coloring Recipe:
When painting in the outlet of the compressor, make sure that the dehumidifier and the grease gun are installed.
Special features: The design of this formula is such that it can be used without the need for lacquer and as a decorative finish on steel structures.
Application Terms:
Spray - spray without air - rollers, brushes
Storage conditions: 12 months in normal conditions 20-25 ° C
Description: This color is formulated for coloring the niches and can be weather resistant to mild weather conditions, and is also resistant to oxidation. Therefore, given that the formulation of this color has a certain breadth, the conditions can be classified according to Your order and your request have changed, in other words, greatly increased the color's resilience.