Zinc Primer Epoxy Chrome
Type: two-part
Shades: Yellow - Green
Appearance: Matte
Chemical composition of pigment: zinc chromate - titanium dioxide and pigmentation agent
Chemical composition of resin: epoxy resin
Percent solid volumes: 45%
Recommended film thickness: 30-50 microns
Drying time: 2 hours at 20 ° C
Final hardening time: 7 days
The durability of mixing two components: maximum 8 hours at 20 ° C
Specific gravity at 25 ° C: 1.4 g / cubic centimeter
Minimum time needed for next coating: 48 hours
Maximum time needed for next coating: 5 days
Storage time: 9 months in dry and cool conditions, away from direct sunlight at 25 ° C
Surface preparation: Sandblast Min Sa 2
How to use: First, dilute the two epoxy and hardener components in a mixing container, then dilute with the special bleach, and after 20 minutes, the color timeout is ready to be used.
Usage: Normal spray - spray without air