Acrylic furnace Paint
Type: one part
Sham: white
Gloss: 90 ° at 60 °
Percent Pigment: 28-30%
Chemical composition: titanium oxide (rutile)
Percentage: 70-72%
Chemical composition: thermoset acrylic resin, melamine formaldehyde and modified epoxy resin
Percent solids: 65 ± 1%
Specific gravity at 25 ° C: 1.15-1.25 g / cubic centimeter
Viscosity at 25 ° C: 80-100 seconds with Ford Cap Four (ASTM-D-1200)
Power coverage theory: 8-10 square meters per kilogram
Practical coverage strength: Depending on the loss factor
Film thickness: 40 microns
The waiting time before the furnace: 10 minutes
Cooking time in the oven: 20 minutes at 150-160 ° C
Application Terms:
Spray-spray without air - Immersion
Storage conditions: 6 months at 20-25 ° C
Mechanical Factors:
Resistance to Impact Test): ASTM D 2734-69 (Fifty Kg / cm
Resistance to Bending in Mandrel Machine (ASTM-D-1797): Excellent
Adhesion to surface: 5B
 Hardness: higher than 4H
Conditions of application: The following level should be free of any fats and dust and be sure to level the phosphate to achieve the above results.
Note: Dear consumer, Due to the fact that the formulation of this color has a wide range, you can change the conditions according to your order and requirements.