Furnace Melamine Alkyd Paint
Type: one part
Sham: white
Gloss: 85-90 at 60 °
Percent Pigment: 25-30%
Chemical composition: titanium dioxide (rutile)
Percentage: 70-75%
Chemical composition: Alkyd resin (short oil) and melamine resin
Percent solids: 55-60%
Specific gravity at 25 ° C: 1.1-1.2 g / cubic centimeter
Viscosity at 25 degrees Centigrade: 120 seconds with Ford Cap four ASTM-D-1200)
Power coverage theory: 8-10 square meters per kilogram
Practical coverage strength: Depending on the loss factor
Film thickness: 40 microns
The waiting time before the furnace: 5-10 minutes
Cooking time in the oven: 15-20 minutes at 130-140 ° C
Application Terms:
Spray - Spray without air - Immersion
Storage conditions: 12 months in normal conditions 20-25 ° C
Mechanical Factors:
Resistance to impact test (ASTM D 2734-69): Acceptable
Resistance to flexible in mandrel mandrel (ASTM-D-1797): Acceptable
Adhesion to surface: 5B
 Hardness: higher than 4H
Conditions of application: The following level should be free of any fats and dust and, if possible, the level of phosphate.
It should be noted that this color is made to paint surfaces made of iron and steel.
Description: Dear consumer, Due to the fact that the formulation of this color has a wide range, so you can change the conditions according to your order and requirements.