Alkyd Stainless Steel
Type: one part
The shade: brown
Gloss: Matte
Chemical composition of pigment: red iron oxide
Chemical composition of resin: High-resin alkyd resin based on soybean fatty acid
Specific gravity at 25 ° C: 1.4-1.5 grams per cubic centimeter
Viscosity at 25 ° C: 60 seconds with Ford Cop 6
Power coverage theory: 8-10 square meters per kilogram
Practical coverage strength: Depending on the loss factor
Recommended film thickness: 35-50 microns
Drying time: 30 minutes at 25 ° C
Full drying time: 16 hours at 25 ° C
Full hardness: 7 days at 25 ° C
Minimum time to apply next coating: 24 hours
Usage: Brush - Rollers - Normal spray and spray without air
Hold time: one year in dry and cool conditions, away from direct sunlight at 25 ° C
Conditions of application: The following level should be free of any fats and dust.
Description: Alkyd primer (stainless) is manufactured using the best anti-corrosion pigments and is recommended for use in temperate climates for the protection of iron surfaces, facilities, metal structures and semi-industrial applications. The drying time, durability, adhesion and proper coating ability are the benefits of this product.